4G Router Antenna Kit

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  • Outdoor aerial for 4G routers
  • Compatible with all 4G LTE bands
  • Complete with antenna, cable and adaptors
  • Brings the best 4G signal from outdoors to your router
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Increase the 4G signal strength for your 4G router !

This antenna kit has been specifically designed to allow an easy installation of an outdoor directional aerial.
Capture the strongest 4G signal on your roof top and feed it directly to your 4G router : better reception drastically contributes to increased speed and higher data transfer rates.

Compatible with all 4G routers with external antenna connection ports (or detachable indoor antennas), including Huawei and ZTE stand-alone or other pocket-size devices. Two adapter-connectors are included, making this set suitable for routers with either one or two SMA-female antenna connection ports.

>The set contains:

Once the kit is installed, you will experience straightaway the true speed and data rate of your 4G router !

What should I do if I have a weak to moderate outside signal?
When composing this set, we assumed that a fairly good 4G LTE signal si available outdoors. If your mobile coverage is weak to moderate, we strongly advise you to upgrade the outside antenna (to a higher dBi value) to improve reception level.
Simply add the upgraded outdoor antenna to the cart also containing this set : the antenna included by default will then be replaced by the upgrade and only the price difference for the upgrade is added to the order amount.

More Information
Wavelength MHz (790 - 960 // 1710 - 2700 MHZ)
Gain Down 9 dBi
Connectors N Female
Dimensions 29,5 x 21 x 6,5 cm (Yagi)