Frequently Asked Questions


How do mobile phone signal boosters work?

After the mobile phone signal booster and compact antenna(s) have been installed, the signal from the mobile network is picked up by an outside antenna. The signal is transmitted to the mobile phone signal booster , which then boosts the signal and provides good coverage via an inside antenna in your home or office. Up to 10 mobile phones can be used simultaneously. A mobile phone signal booster is a solution that provides good mobile phone coverage indoors. The products offered by the GSM REPEATER SHOP have been specially developed and assembled for use in homes, offices and business units, as well as areas such as garages, cellars, basements and containers.

Why does my mobile phone have poor signal strength indoors?

With new homes and buildings in particular, the signal outside is often strong enough , but as soon as you step indoors, the signal weakens or is lost. There are various factors that can influence the strength of the signal, such as the building’s construction, the materials used (metal, concrete or wood), wall thickness, number of windows, building height, etc. In addition to the physical construction of a building, a poor signal can also be the result of the building’s geographical location in relation to the nearest mobile phone mast.

Can the use of a signal booster damage my mobile phone?

No, you don’t have to worry about this as the products in the GSM REPEATER SHOP have been specially developed to be used in combination with mobile phones. The repeaters meet the set requirements.

Can I use a mobile phone signal booster in my (newbuild) home?

Yes, the phone signal booster sets from the GSM REPEATER SHOP have been specially developed and assembled for this purpose. As more and more consumers are cancelling their fixed phone lines and are only using their mobile phones to make calls, a mobile phone signal booster has become the solution to making mobile phone calls indoors in many homes. One way to determine whether a mobile repeater set will work is to first check whether there is a sufficiently strong signal outside. If there is no signal outside your house or the signal is weak (2 bars or less), then a more powerful mobile repeater with a directional antenna can still offer a solution. If you have any questions concerning this or would like to discuss your specific situation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you!

Can I use a mobile phone signal booster in my business premises?

These repeaters are also ideal for use in business units. If you want good mobile phone coverage in several rooms or on several floors, then you can install several indoor antennas. If you would like advice on mobile repeater equipment for your business unit, please do not hesitate to contact us!

What are the benefits of using a mobile phone signal booster?

The main advantage is that you have good coverage indoors. You no longer have to go outside.
Another advantage is that the mobile phone battery does not run down as quickly because of improved signal strength.

What type/frequency of booster do I need?

Most mobile phone providers transmit via the 900 and/or 1800 MHz frequency bands. The 900/1800 MHz repeaters are used for voice and text messages only. If you also want to boost the signal for data traffic, such as the internet, UMTS and 3G services, you will need a repeater that is also suitable for the 2100 MHz network. Do you want to know which repeater type you need? Click here.

Does a mobile signal booster only work when there is a good signal outside the building (4 or 5 bars)?

Not at all; a mobile repeater can be used even if the signal outside the building is only 1 or 2 bars. You will, however, need a repeater that provides a more powerful boost. Choose a mobile repeater with an indoor coverage of 1000 m2 or more.

Can I install the mobile repeater unit myself?

Certainly! You need no advanced technical knowledge or skills to install the mobile phone signal booster set. Each set contains everything you need to improve mobile phone coverage in your home or work environment. The repeaters are supplied with clear instructions on how to install the repeater with simple steps.

Is it permitted to use mobile phone boosters in the EU?

Within the European Union, there are no restrictions on the use and trade of mobile phone repeaters. Before operating the device the user must first request official permission from the provider in writing. The reason for this is that the providers have purchased these mobile phone frequencies and want to prevent interference on the network. Unfortunately, permission is almost always refused, irrespective of the equipment manufacturer or the organisation or private individual making the request. Mobile phone providers do not consider themselves responsible for coverage indoors. This is perfectly understandable, given the many different types of building constructions.

The repeaters we offer are for indoor use only and do not disrupt or interfere with the networks of providers in your surrounding area. GSM REPEATER SHOP was set up to deliver reliable equipment that works at an affordable price. We have many satisfied customers who use our mobile phone repeaters without any problems. And in the unlikely event that the product does not meet your expectations, we offer a money back guarantee!

Can I collect my order?

Yes, you can come and collect any products you have ordered and paid for, but you will need to make an appointment to do so.

Can I place a business order from abroad at a VAT rate of 0%?

Yes, an Intra-Community delivery is possible. This is only possible if you place a business order from abroad. Enter the company name and VAT number when ordering. This information will be immediately verified online ( and if correct, the 0% VAT rate will be automatically applied.

Is it possible to have the mobile phone signal booster installed?

We do not install the repeaters on site. It is relatively easy to install the repeater and almost anyone can do it themselves. If you would still like help from someone else, we can arrange a local partner to assist you. An additional fee will be charged and the quotation/payment for this will be arranged with the installation company directly.

Will a mobile phone signal booster increase the Radio Frequency radiation?

No, it will decrease. A regualar cell phone has an output of 2 Watt. The maximum output of a repeater is 1W, this for a 30dB repeater. This will decrease to be a maximum of 0,05 Watt when reaching the Indoor Antenna. And since the is installed over the ceiling or onto the wall and more then 3 meters away from the human body. This means an other reduction of 40dB, or 10.000 times less, 0,000005 Watt. Therefore it is too weak to influence the human body. And when a repeater is installed, it improves the mobile signals in the coverage, and the succesful call can be connected easily with a much less power level of the mobile phone. Thus it will reduce the Radio Frequency radiation of the mobile phone tremendously.

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