MOBILE SIGNAL BOOSTER O2 / Vodafone – Voice (200 sqm)

  • Suitable for the providers O2 and Vodafone
  • Compact signal booster for use at home and offices
  • Supplied with antennas, coaxial cables and accessories
  • Easy to install. Ready for use
  • Free of interference. CE! approved
  • Low energy consumption
  • Indoor coverage up to max. 300 sqm
  • RF E10C
  • Price excl. VAT
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This booster kit has been specifically assembled for use at home and in spaces such as containers, cellars, garages and offices. The cell booster is delivered ready to use and comes with all necessary accessories. The RosenFelt RF E10C booster kit receives the 900 MHz mobile network signal by using the external antenna. The signal is transmitted through the coaxial cable to the booster (also known as phone amplifier or GSM booster) which amplifies the signal and sends it through the internal antenna to your mobile phone. This 900 MHz cellular booster comes with a small, practical screw-on internal antenna. The repeater has a maximum indoor coverage of approximately 300 m2. The RosenFelt RF E10C guarantees an interference free signal at home or in the office.

The booster is easy to install and comes complete with:

  • Clear instruction manual
  • External antenna (7dBi)
  • 900 MHz cellular network suitable for GSM network
  • 10 meters coaxial cable + connectors
  • Internal antenna (5dBi)

After installing the booster, you will experience straightaway how wonderful it is to have an optimal mobile signal indoors again.

1. Every internal antenna has a maximum coverage of 100 up to 300 m2, regardless of the range and power of the booster.
2. You always need a splitter + extra coaxial cable when you want to install a second internal antenna.
3. Use one internal antenna per room under normal circumstances.

What should I do if I have a weak to moderate outside signal?
When assembling the sets, we have assumed that you have good mobile coverage outside your house or premises. If your mobile coverage is weak to moderate, we advise you to upgrade the outside antenna (to a higher dBi value) to guarantee good coverage. The standard antenna will then be replaced by the upgrade and will directly be added to the order amount.

More Information
Specifications Suitable for GSM 900 MHz Network
Coverage area up to max. 300 m2
Gain Up Gain up 65 dB (uplink 880-915 Mhz)
Gain Down Gain down 65 dB (downlink 935-960 MHz)
Output power 10 dBm
Main Power AC 100 ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz, + DC Adapter 0.6A max. 5V 2A
Dimensions 175 x 105 x 45 mm
Wavelength MHz 900